Our Services

Our experts offer a full range of services that are designed to make your special day all the more magical. In addition to our personalized and professional salon culture, what makes the Hair By Clipperz unique is our eco-concept salon.


A hairstyle that gives the most stressfree life ’cause its light and washable and long lasting.. Explore various different twist hairstyles for all lengths with Hair Zipper.


A teeny-tiny French braid adds an adorable touch to long, loose waves leading into a beautiful, messy fishtail. At Hair Zipper we create voluminous, flowing, lust-worthy hair with braids.


Are you looking for a convenient style? One that you don’t have to think too much about then the triangle braids are right for you.. Get that sexy, classy and chic look for an evening to remember.


 Find the braided hairstyle that works perfect for your hair and face shape today at Hair Zipper. Braids are making appearances both on and off the red carpet. This is a hairstyle made for an African beauty.


If you don’t want a style that’ll have you running to the salon every few weeks, Pencils are definitely the way forward, a style to make a few heads turn.


Amazing Bohemian Curly Hairstyle  – Boho hairstyles are so easy yet look so beautiful and stylish. Bohemian style is a blend of ancient fashion, but, still keeps it natural-looking and effortless.

Our Promise, Your Style

We are constantly working to raise the bar on our services. If you have any questions or concerns about your experience, please let us know.